You and Your Amsterdam Holiday

baharatWhile there is a good possibility that you’re interested in dancing and you would want to engage in some dance-related activities in one of your vacations (say, in Amsterdam), there might also be a good possibility that you’re not into dancing that much, and so you ask yourself: “what can I see in Amsterdam in one day?” There are actually a lot of things you can do in Amsterdam, and let this article prove exactly that to you.

Things to Do in Amsterdam

dancing shoesIf you’re thinking of spending one good day in Amsterdam, then definitely one of the best options for you is to go for a stroll in Vondelpark. Granted, you may not be into a lot of dancing, but if burning calories is still in the agenda then a good walk will suffice. And this ‘good walk’ is precisely what you can achieve in Vondelpark. It’s basically an entire stretch of fun and surprises at every nook you find yourself in.

The next option you have can be taken as some sort of hint. When you’re still in the planning stage of your entire vacation, you can simply key in ‘things to do in Amsterdam Van Gogh’, and that search will inevitably lead you to one excellent conclusion – you’ve got to visit Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. Not only is it a treat for the intellect, with all the information and trivia that you’re bound to learn, but it is also a treat for your kid’s heart, because it’s truly a fun-filled tour.

When you can’t decide which one of the many attractions in the city you want to visit or if you are only planning to stay in Amsterdam for a very limited time, think about going on a hop on hop off (HOHO) tour. The HOHO tour bus works similarly to a Hong Kong sightseeing bus. These buses, some of which are double-deckers, offer a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the city. There is a running commentary on the sites you pass by so that you can learn more about each destination. It is definitely a great way to get a fun overview of the city.

What to Do in the Netherlands Besides Amsterdam

Of course, Amsterdam might not actually be your vacation destination of choice in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is a land that never runs out of offers for you, especially when it comes to vacation spots. And so, while Amsterdam might be one popular choice, it certainly isn’t the only one.


You can also opt for a vacation in Rotterdam, which, in some respects, is less known than Amsterdam, but is in no means less worth it. Rotterdam is known for its bold and modern architecture, which may be a good treat for your tired eyes and weary heart.

In the end, if you should so decide to go to Amsterdam, then you really need to get an I Amsterdam Card. You can think of it as your very own passport to all sorts of fun and enjoyment, which you can find only in Amsterdam. Your card opens you up to a whole world of possibilities, possibilities which you most definitely would not want to miss.

Also, your card gives you access to transportation services in the city. This way, you will no longer have to worry about how to get around the city, because your card has excellently got you covered.